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    Hauler, Guardian, Pirate Job System

    I was inspired by a previous Chief Chat about the cargo hauler job role, and it reminded me of a job system from an MMO called Silkroad Online. The job system has changed a bit since I played, but the jist was this... You could be something akin to a Trader who hauls the cargo via animals...
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    Transcription: Chief Chat - Firefall Ability News - May 7th, 2019

    Hey all, Below you'll find the transcription for the last Chief Chat Mark uploaded to the Youtube channel on May 7th, 2019. I went back today and decided to transcribe this one, and will be transcribing future Chief Chats from now on! Some people have expressed the desire to have the chief...
  3. Astro

    Software Development Engineer

    [WIP] SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT ENGINEER Overview: My current job entails collecting raw telemetry data from thermostats, outlets, sensors, and other various devices that we install into hotels, universities, hospitality places, etc, and I store that data into various databases after consolidating...
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    Exclusive Temporary Rewards

    I'd like to see exclusive temporary rewards for top players/armies in certain categories. For example: Top 50 players with highest resource collection gain for the week get a custom skin for their THMPR for a week. Top 50 highest mob kill count get a specific custom skin for their Omniframe for...
  6. Astro

    Crixa TTRPG IN Ember

    Now bear with me on this. I got the idea from this video talking about Gwent in The Witcher 3. What if the TTRPG Crixa was played by the Reapers in Ember? I imagine Reapers like to engage is some fun activity in their down time.. and although a TTRPG is likely way out of the day and age of a...