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  1. PIghead Elderberry

    THMPR Encounter thread gone for me!

    I was reading the thread on the THMPR Encounter, and when I wanted to like a post had to login. The thread has now vanished for me. It does not appear in what's new, or searches or anything. I was with another person for a while, and we seemed to get more Tsi-Hu. They have left me all alone...
  2. PIghead Elderberry

    Valheim Troills weilding trees as weapons and SMASHING IT UP

    I have been playing Valheim these past days (which I find an incredible game). I have had encounters in the forest with Trolls who weild entire trees as weapons. I see a Kaiju there.... The trolls are huge. The trolls smash down other trees as they swing their giant tree club about. The...
  3. PIghead Elderberry

    Subscription attempted resulting in card declined error

    Howdy, I have tried a couple times to do the subscription, and it always is instantly giving a card declined error. I did the set up with Stripe (which I did NOT want to do at all as it is giving yet another company all my info). I get the confirmation text message for the transaction, but it...
  4. PIghead Elderberry

    Fortuna Fiasco

    I am sorely underwhelmed by the Fortuna "open world" experience so far with Warframe, so I though I would complain here just in case what I think means anything to making Em8er. 1) Open World - NOT NOT NOT and NOT some more! First, for all the hype about Fortuna being "Open" it feels closed...
  5. PIghead Elderberry

    Rend Early Access - How Em8er can learn from it!

    I have been doing Rend a ton since it moved to Steam. I am enjoying it AND am finding it hugely different from anything I have ever done in many ways - just like Em8er will be unique as well (but in different ways). It seems well worth studying how Rend game play informs us on what works and...
  6. PIghead Elderberry

    Side Encounters | FF-like as the Wounded Bandit

    Are there any plans to have eventually dynamic encounters that are just tossed in there for pure fun? Wounded Badndit had nothing to do with anything, but I had to help him no matter what just to hear the voice dialog. Are there plans for non Tsi-Hu/Invasion dynamic encounters which are either...
  7. PIghead Elderberry

    POLL | Grummz sings in game Yes, Yes, or Deepstrike Yes
  8. PIghead Elderberry


    THE NAVELIUM ORE BUG [Names may be changed and this might be Ronynium based, of course] Core idea: This is a completely native creature which evolved on EM-8ER and is inorganic in nature, but has a life cycle which might remind us of Earth creatures. It is in essense an inorganic yet...
  9. PIghead Elderberry

    The Dismembering Thread

    I don't know if this is where to post this thread, but I hope it will give us all a chance to brainstorm and come up with ways to have "dismembering" in a way that can get past the nanny state govts that think that their citizens are too immature to understand a game vs. reality... rant rant...
  10. PIghead Elderberry

    HUD and UI Options Thread

    I like to play with as minimal HUD/UI as possible and still be able to play... Some folks like to play with their screens full of HUD and UI elements so much that they only have a peep view of the world out there... Some play with no HUD/UI at all and still manage to play... Right now when...