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    Back end dev

    Hi there, 33 Years programming experience in the workforce, everything from assembler to .net to java Databases Oracle, Firebird, Postgresql and a bunch of others On a mental break, have bipolar syndrome and can't 'work' at the moment, looking for something to keep me occupied. My normal work...
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    I would like to volunteer time as a dev

    Hi there 33 years programming experience here. Currently at a dead end due to mental issues, plenty of free time. ASM, C, C++, Delphi, All the .net, Java, SQL (Oracle, Postgresql, and Firebird mainly) Many other languages on the side (Ruby, Python, etc) Happy to help. DeadVolcano
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    Not exactly a complaint...

    As often as they'll let me.
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    Skeptical of the game

    FireFall fan here started at the Closed Beta, loved it so much I bought the USD100 founder pack. Lost the beanie now though :( Played through multiple changes. New resource, yep, mined a node with a newbie and my sniper using the smg secondary weapon. Even when they nerfed the crafting system I...
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    Ok, this makes me angry...

    I haven't got time for ads, therefore UBlockOrigin :)