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  1. ObsoleteVodka

    Video Update 8 - Choose the THMPR Laugh

    These videos are always good news, happy to see things are moving forward! That said i can't help but notice the plasma cannon has no projectile drop. Learning where the plasma balls would hit at different ranges was a big part of the skill-based gameplay behind the original FF version.
  2. ObsoleteVodka

    IMPORTANT: Omniframe Mk II

    I insist the only noticeable issue with Mk. I are the legs, i think they were intended to be what i'd call "ninja-samurai inspired" legs, like in these examples: But somehow that idea was lost in translation from 2D to 3D.
  3. ObsoleteVodka

    IMPORTANT: Omniframe Mk II

    Common when translating 2D shapes to 3D, it's harder than it seems and not always ends looking good.
  4. ObsoleteVodka

    IMPORTANT: Omniframe Mk II

    I'd say if time and money are not issues then go for the new design, otherwise make adjustments on the original.
  5. ObsoleteVodka


    Just wanted to know, since addons were a big part of community creation in Firefall, what's the odds of Em8er supporting them? And just to be clear I'm talking about addons strictly, not mods. I think those have been asked about already.
  6. ObsoleteVodka

    Firefall officially shutting down on 07/07/2017

    Hahaha, I think they saw how successful was Mark's last IGG campaign and said "Fuck this shit!". :D
  7. ObsoleteVodka

    Firefall officially shutting down on 07/07/2017

    Yeah, in the past two years Firefall was a terminal patient begging for euthanasia. Finally its torment is coming to an end.
  8. ObsoleteVodka

    Firefall officially shutting down on 07/07/2017 I know most of you guys don't care anymore by this point, but that game was a big part of my life. More than how it died let's try to remember how it lived and keep those great memories as inspiration and wishes for Em8er...
  9. ObsoleteVodka

    Old Firefall players, please respond!

    So Firefall is officially closing its doors...
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    Alien Naming Contest ROUND 3!

    Sorry for being a killjoy, i understand the people's enthusiasm and the desire to collaborate with the project, but to me most of the submitted names are either too over-elaborated or too cringey to even pronounce. I just gave 3-4 stars to the four less dumb-sounding ones. I'm sorry guys, i...
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    Rend, a new game with actual NEW stuff.

    Generally I'm not so into fantasy games, but this one has certainly intrigued me. Seems full of new and very interesting ideas. Worth giving it a look.
  12. ObsoleteVodka

    Update: Geesuit/Character Concept Art Poster. 3D Prints in Production

    She's outside his frame and she's holding a gun. Combat on foot confirmed, yup.
  13. ObsoleteVodka

    No stupid ethnic references or similar, please

    But she actually didn't sound like brazilian at all. You just believe it because probably all the non-american accents sounds the same to you. It's like when people with little to none knowledge of English says British and Americans sounds pretty much the same. Trust me, I'm native spanish...
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    Lore Drop: Em-8ER history. Chief Chat this Saturday at 2pm PST

    I see what you did there, @Grummz! ;)
  15. ObsoleteVodka

    Open world with new technologie ?

    Has been talked before, here's Grummz response: From:
  16. ObsoleteVodka

    Friday Update 2/17 - Animator and Rigger Found

    Do you smell that guys? Is the aroma of progress!
  17. ObsoleteVodka

    Glad to be back!

    Welcome back! :)
  18. ObsoleteVodka

    Mematron's art: other fan creations ;)

    Very unique style you have there! The first pictures have a nice electron microscopy feel and the space themed ones, so gritty yet so sexy. Great job indeed! :)
  19. ObsoleteVodka

    Haha! Si, pronto estaremos de vuelta juntos, el tiempo pasa volando. :D

    Haha! Si, pronto estaremos de vuelta juntos, el tiempo pasa volando. :D
  20. ObsoleteVodka

    Time Crystals IRL

    Well, in common crystals atoms are arranged in uniform, symmetrical patterns. Like honeycombs, rectangular grids and so on. This is what they call 'spatial symmetry', and just like in every other type of solid matter the whole arrangement stays still, not moving, not gaining, not releasing...