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  1. Degiance

    Know your reference! (Torgue Approved)

    So yeah another shenanigans thread with kind of a purpose, sharing the reference to a meme you may or may not know. (What ever you do never tell if you don't know something. - reference to something my teacher said.) That's a paddling, shouldn't be confused with the paladin thing. Two completly...
  2. Degiance

    Cool and quite possibly inspirational stuff (But no politics)

    I decided to make this after noticing that i keep finding rather cool stuff online and sometimes even inpiriational stuff that inspire thoughts. Like this one Or this.
  3. Degiance

    Cute, funny stuff spam. (No political stuff)

    So yeah cute or funny stuff spam pics, videos etc just like last time without the politics spam in between.
  4. Degiance

    If you still recall Arcade games...

    As Arcades are basicly gone in most places and finding a singular Arcade game hidden away in some corner of a cruise ship or some old bar... I can't help put to look at it being like:"Would anybody notice if i snatched that? Or would the owner just let me take it away?" If you were given the...