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  1. Drakin5

    Gatestrider Naval Force

    Ok lets start with a bang. Do we need/want navies in this game? We have already tanks and aircraft. Surely when we terraform pockets and areas , there would be water (or any liquid we can cross) so… what do you think, Yay or nay?
  2. Drakin5

    New Years is here! Get to your life boats!

    It’s that time of the year, everyone. Time to show off your New Years resolution.
  3. Drakin5

    Things Drakin5 is no longer allowed to do on EM-8ER.

    Now I just thought of this and it’s kinda funny reading the original Skippy’s List and the clones of it. So just a fyi: don’t take it seriously; it’s just for good laughs. Some are offensive and disturbing so consider this as a content warning. 1. I am not allowed to use a D-Gate for Russian...
  4. Drakin5

    Player made missions/jobs

    So I have been reading this post lately and got me thinking: What if players can create missions and jobs for others to do? Take for example say you need assistance for your base/thumper/teammates. You go to a job...