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  1. zdoofop

    request: ai that sounds like this

    I just thought of this, don't necessarily think I would use it myself but would be cool to have anyway
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    Names for the Knee biters

    poppers, because they "pop", as Grummz suggested
  3. zdoofop

    How much longer?

    Until we flatten the Tsi-Hu curve.
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    quite the opposite, the idea is to give bad players a way to lessen the cost of their frame repair by paying a small premium. If it's a guild perk, I agree that would make it easier on individual players, but what's supposed to happen is that bad players spend less CE/time repairing all their...
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    Someone posted this on Discord as a joke, but I thought it was a good enough idea to post here: Given the way that breaking/repairing works, you run into a sort of problem: What happens if you run out of resources and all your frames break? Sure, it's not likely, but you run into similar, more...
  7. zdoofop

    Regarding the Kaiju-Hunting Portals

    I don't know if this has been brought up already, but people have been asking about dungeons. What if, instead of just encountering a kaiju after entering a portal, you enter a sort of mini-dungeon guarded by tsi-hu and filled with caches, culminating in the kaiju as the final boss.
  8. zdoofop

    Special Event Suggestion!

    well, top tier backers get to make a custom npc that will be part of the game. Most people will probably self-insert, but I'd rather immortalize an old friend.
  9. zdoofop

    New World feedback thread

    I don't think those are the aspects being talked about when they say similar to Em-8ER.
  10. zdoofop

    I'm an Ark Liege Now!!! Yay!!!

    I created this thread mostly for bragging rights, but I have a few questions First, and most pressing, given that I'm an M3 backer AND now an ark liege, are the 5 copies of the mockup and game 5 extra copies or 4? And could we give them out now or do we have to wait for the full mockup to be...
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    New Em-8er Build - Unreal Engine 5 NANITE test - FEEDBACK

    Don't know if this has been reported but 2 big gaps: EDIT: Found another one and here are multiple small ones I'm done.
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    Some questions I came up with over the past few days that hopefully could be answered in a chief chat

    1. Could/would the peerless/artisan upgrades apply to mech skins as well as pilot skins? What about mounts? Will the python be customizable? (I know that this is 3 questions, yes) 2. How would we balance the skinning of pilots with the character customization? For instance, would Toshi be able...
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    Fallback skins

    I've been wondering about this myself. These are good ideas.
  14. zdoofop

    Cultural problems in a globally-connected game world

    What you got against Chat Translation?
  15. zdoofop

    List of the best aspects of older games.

    Perhaps Territory grab doesn't have to be PVP, rather it could be a race for the most territory grabbed from the Tsi-Hu, PS2 alert-style. So let's say team Navels, team Oppai, and team Maid Grummz is Really Really Really Really Hot are playing and an alert comes over the comms. At the endo of...
  16. zdoofop

    Cultural problems in a globally-connected game world

    Interesting points, ngl. Language is an easy one, see The truth is that in any game, someone can make characters on another server, so simply separating into instances won't solve the problem. And it's not like you'll randomly be placed into a region for...
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    THMPR Hologram Animations

    That is weird... I WAS THINKING THE SAME THING!!!
  18. zdoofop

    Audio as a cosmetic

    I approve. This is a good idea.
  19. zdoofop

    About the post-launch game!

    so you wnat to pull out of Em8eristan? Are you not worried about the refugees you will leave behind?