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  1. Valaetoshiru

    Names for the Knee biters

    How about Knebis? ✌️
  2. Valaetoshiru


    Would be another level to the economy to manage. Could be fun. Kind of like managing clones in EvE ✌️
  3. Valaetoshiru

    How much longer?

    I know from past experience i just get shit in when I ask questions. So if I don't see a timeline with clearly expressed goals I'm moving on. My time is running out.
  4. Valaetoshiru

    Fallback skins

    This game is basically going to be a bunch of scantily dressed females running around with boobs seemingly falling out. Sure it will be fun to watch but will I want to play it for more than 10 minutes? Lol ✌️
  5. Valaetoshiru

    Feature idea: racing

    I am for anything that has to do with racing. ♥️✌️
  6. Valaetoshiru

    THMPR Encounter thread gone for me!

    That thread seems to be missing for me as well...
  7. Valaetoshiru

    Unofficial Vehicle Request Thread

    All I want is my Locust back. ✌️I crazy loved that bike.
  8. Valaetoshiru

    Solution to the Chat dilemma (I think)

    Something I had looked into briefly a while back: discord has an API for websites that let you insert a discord chat onto your web page. I was thinking it might be possible to use that API to insert a discord chat into the game itself. That way discord can handle all the text to speech, speech...
  9. Valaetoshiru

    Casting Call

    so how does something like this work? Do we each stream to our own twitch channel and then you somehow capture those and stream them to your channel?
  10. Valaetoshiru

    Ok, this makes me angry...

    We are on the verge of hyper capitalism. Imagine being arrested for using an ad blocker or losing your job because you closed your eyes and covered your ears during commercials.
  11. Valaetoshiru

    New newcomer packs?!

    I still cannot compare Omni ace to Shifter...
  12. Valaetoshiru

    New newcomer packs?!

    The tool doesn't compare M3 to Newcomer packs?
  13. Valaetoshiru

    Infinite ammo

    How about a weapon that has a mini replicator built inside of it - every time you fire around it replicates a new round. ✌️
  14. Valaetoshiru

    Casting Call

    No, sorry.. I guess my eyesight and snark got away from me. :D
  15. Valaetoshiru

    Casting Call

    Welp that bumps me out. ✌️
  16. Valaetoshiru

    Copa going away?

    I just saw the email. What does it mean "copa is going away"? Is that referring to the island in the demos? Is there any hint about what the new landscape will look like?
  17. Valaetoshiru

    Em8ER Merch! Which would you rather see?

    Better to say now what we're interested in than to complain later about what was released. ✌️
  18. Valaetoshiru

    Gatestrider Naval Force

    Space Navy.
  19. Valaetoshiru

    How Will Light Frames Compete As Damage Dealers Compared To Heavy Frames?

    To me it would make sense if weapons deal x amount of damage no matter what frame you are using. I thought frame size would correspond to armor/hit points, and the damage you deal would depend on the weapons you equip. I'm looking foreword to testing out the solutions they come up with. :v: