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    Concern about Business Model: Episodic Expansions

    I think I understand your frustration. GW2 implemented this sort of content in their Living Story, where each season had content that, unless you were a vet of the game and stuck around since living story started, could not be experienced without paying for a microtransaction. It costed...
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    Discussion: Energy/Mana, Cooldowns, or something else?

    I think there's a market for solo and group events, but I think the head dev wants to make it a wargame. With that in mind, cooldowns would encourage people to time their abilities with others (like maybe a napalm gun that repels giant insects from going near a thmpr, one guy arms the gun while...
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    I Painted a thing :3

    Like what you did with the chick on the right, nice pose.
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    Avoid Over-Balancing

    GW2 suffered from that as well, along with no reliable content (probably due to the market being dependent on cash-shop cosmetics). Shame too, I loved the way they handled exploration in that game (Theres a completion meter for each zone, where you could gain xp for handling events on the map...
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    SpamSpam Post - nonsense approved ^^

    This one's one of my personal favorites.
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    Milestone II - Aug 29, We're building a Playable Mockup (with video)

    It's IndieGoGo, and the thread is right here.
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    Burning Ember

    I'm all for some saucy encounters with some guy's heartthrob, as long as they don't get offed a la Zoolander.
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    Milestone 2 is NOW LIVE!

    I'm pitching in when I'm able, I'd really like a proper Firefall game.
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    Number 1 Guild in Ember

    If ember gets funded, count me in.