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  1. Skube

    Omniframe Movement Demo Video

    Running and jetting feels Great, Gliding not so much at this point. Great work EM-8ER Team. Enjoy the Video!
  2. Skube

    Terrain Demo Video

    Hey all i made this short Video Hope You Enjoy it, GoodNight! Man The Nostalgia!
  3. Skube

    Art Demo Video

    For those who aren't a backer Enjoy :D
  4. Skube

    I have received my vision book!

    After I don't really know how long I've received my Vision Book in the mail today! I'm happy to be part of the making of this game and can't wait to have my hands on the final mock-up and to play the actual game :D. I really want a poster of the Mek vs. Kaiju !
  5. Skube

    Can I see all my Titles?

    Hello, I was wondering if I can see all my forum titles, up until the moment I claimed my Tsi-Hu Hunter title I was able to see my other 2 titles I had(T.H.M.P.R & Death Reaper)
  6. Skube

    I don't know how to call it

    I hope you appreciate my high level MS Paint Skills. Yes, this is my signature now.
  7. Skube

    Backer Art Demo ExE Video

    I made dis: Enjoy and Share :D
  8. Skube

    An Important Question that must be answered.

    How do I get Gas?
  9. Skube

    Remember all the Frames we could've had

    See that Magnum that's the Arsenal, R.I.P Arsenal.