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  1. Beerdog6

    Forum colors/contrast

    can we change the color scheme/ contrast of the forum?
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    NEW Movement Demo!

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    Forum Titles and 3D Printer Files

    In like Flynn!
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    Signed up for Firstclaimer. Waiting on the TIKI bar

    Signed up for Firstclaimer. Waiting on the TIKI bar
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    Sounds and looks like an OGRE to me. Which is Steve Jackson's game version of a BOLO
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    Getting Social Interaction Right ideas!

    I haven't played in SecondLife for awhile, but it did have a phone app. You could log in and have conversations in the area you were in. and move yourself from area to area. Also it might be possible to crafting as a subprogra. That would be cool to be able to check on a job. Emotes are...
  7. Beerdog6

    which types of gameplay could Ember support?

    Just a few thoughts/ideas. Pencil out a general layout of the world. Say divide it up based on the Crixa lore. different factions laying claim to different areas, Ala Antarctica. Maybe you could have some kind of "wireframe" terrain to be filled in later as funds/time allows. Start for your...
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    I had hoped Ember would be Free to Play...

    I think there will always be controversy about how to monetize a game. if the game is fun to play then money isn't a problem. I could see a F2P minigame, once the basic game is developed. Then you could go several routes with microtransactions unlocking additional areas and cosmetics. also...
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    NightStroke's Sketchbook

    Looks like you were on the right track. Can't wait to see it
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    Ember, Streams, Patreon

    Mark Should look at Patreon. It has levels of support.
  11. Beerdog6

    The Omniframe Revealed

    I also agree with the recoil/muzzle climb issue somewhat. A full mecha will minimize it, but could be brought in for higher power cannons, etc. as a trade off mechanism. M1 tank and Navel,,,errr;) Naval guns still have issues, although FDC compensates for that. still drooling. Hmm, on the...
  12. Beerdog6

    The Omniframe Revealed

    I agree with @Vladplaya . Make the primary visual of the suit a wrap around armor. But have it where we can expose the front for in base activities. Like in this setup. This also makes sense with unass-ing the armor.The Armor retracts back exposing the Driver. after all in an FPS you really...
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    This is a clickbait title. You will click on it.

    man, you made me click it!
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    Vehicle crafting

    for ease of game play, make it like the Omniframe. a basic style that is modular. The style could be based on what zone your are in.
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    Dev tracker

    I want pie!
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    Suggestion for Omniframe "Class" System: Combing the Tech Tree with Limitless Choice

    I think a lot of people in this thread are stuck in their old "stinkin, thinkin". You should be thinking like a military unit. You do have people that play roles, but like the Marines , "everyone is a rifleman". Anyone can do anything, depending on what equipment they buy and learn to...
  17. Beerdog6

    Another thing that made FireFall (perhaps) unique

    definitely echo the vertical movement. Being able to think and fight in three dimensions was one of the things that made the game for me. Being able to drop into combat. Able to climb to the top of a tower. Survey the battle and glide in or drop in an fire on the way down.
  18. Beerdog6

    Regarding recoil

    I also agree about screen shake, but some kind of recoil is inevitable. Having been in the military and fired a great range of weapons, they all have some kind of recoil. Even the higher tech ones. but there are trade offs. An AR15/M4 platform has little, but not a lot of damage. A Barrett or...