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  1. Zednel

    Chat Enabled Build Feedback thread

    There is a bug with mouse sensitivity: In first-person, no matter how low I set it, is remains too sensitive, I just poke the mouse and I do a full 360. If I switch to third-person, then the sensitivity is what I set it to in the options. Also, sometimes in first-person the horizontal and...
  2. Zednel

    Manufacture Company Names Ideas

    SolRobotics - SR Association of Gatestrider Enterprises - AGE Cannon and Frame Factory - CF2
  3. Zednel

    Resources and Mining Is the NEXT DEMO

    I have some questions about the resources: How many categories will we have? If I remember correctly, FF had four How many resource type each category will hold? Will the resource quality be similar to FFs 0-1000 grade system? If I remember right, in a different forum thread, the consent was...
  4. Zednel

    Add-on Support

    I guess we'll know better if anything changed after Chief Chat
  5. Zednel

    Chief Chat Thursday, May 7, 2020 11 AM P.D.T.

    Ill take Option 3. 1 seems way too small to be impactful, and 2 would feel like a walking multi-storey house 3 looks balanced.
  6. Zednel

    Weapons Test 1.0 FEEDBACK & SUGGESTIONS

    More like the Thermal Cannon, but I see your point and agree. The Plasma Cannon secondary had a close range shotgun shot.
  7. Zednel

    Em-8er Movement demo is LIVE!

    I think we can safely assume that this height will be what the lowest tech level can reach.
  8. Zednel

    Concept: Resource Quality and Value

    The 1-1000 colored resource system was the main part why I got hooked to FF. Also the fact that every quality was useful: 1-499 was for leveling mass/power/cpu, 500-799 was for everyday crafting, 800+ for gear. Also, having this system gives players in the late/end-game content a few things...
  9. Zednel

    Representation in games and how it can effect players

    The idea is good, but I think issues would arise that would be out of our control... Maybe some people with these conditions would be happy to be represented with artificial limbs and accessories that balance out their condition(s), but its possible that those people who want them to be...
  10. Zednel

    Representation in games and how it can effect players

    Given that this is a sensitive issue and - although I don't like the fact - has some political undertones, I suggest a vote before we jump to milestones and such
  11. Zednel

    Wacky quests, in-jokes and more

    I'm a little late, but i'll paste in my idea from a different thread: How about creating a Niagara-like waterfall (or a volcano for pun) in the starting zone, and naming it Fire-falls as a memento?
  12. Zednel

    Poll: Time Between Invasions

    I second this. The unpredictability of larger invasions sounds fun. Let the AI decide by looking at player numbers, the status and quality of their gear etc.
  13. Zednel

    Chief Chat Monday, Nov 5th, 4pm PST - Art Build Discussion

    I figured you dont have the demo, so no problem! After the devs finish the animations and we can finally walk with the mechs, we will see if the pilots are uncomfortable in there or not :D
  14. Zednel

    Chief Chat Monday, Nov 5th, 4pm PST - Art Build Discussion

    If you look at it from a different angle, you can see that the head rest is behind the pilots head. I think what you circled in red is just a simple panel for the cockpit light.
  15. Zednel

    Chief Chat Monday, Nov 5th, 4pm PST - Art Build Discussion

    I second this. Personally I do not have a problem with the wave-like animation itself, but it's too exaggerated. At the forehead and the the back of the beast form the ferrofluid animation loops through the body itself, and under the forehead the animation just stops abruptly. Also, some...
  16. Zednel

    Chief Chat Monday, Nov 5th, 4pm PST - Art Build Discussion

    Cat. 1 Kaijus eyeless (?) head and its voice reminds me of the Bioraptors from Pitch Black. Goddamn creepy...
  17. Zednel

    Siding with a Kaiju

    I am not expeting it to be Firefall, but it is the spiritual successor of it, therefore i am "thinking with Firefall" in mind. Excuse me if my phrasing was misleading.
  18. Zednel

    Siding with a Kaiju

    I don't remember any Chosen being a good guy...