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  1. Aisman_

    Playing the Em8er Demo

    I think they never booted the EU Servers up. Only the US ones.
  2. Aisman_

    Anthem. Anyone still salty / was salty that it failed. plus some extra talk.

    What a waste of a good ip. RIP
  3. Aisman_

    I take issue with the female skins

    Dont like it? Dont play it / ignore it.
  4. Aisman_

    Manufacture Company Names Ideas

    Ikeda Engineering Libra Electronics
  5. Aisman_

    Gaming setups! Gotta show 'em!

    Clean Dont look behind tho lol
  6. Aisman_

    Patreon signup date off

    Same. Only got the Lucretia and Lucretia-Part 2.
  7. Aisman_

    Suggestion for Demopacks

    Yes you get acces to older builds with the subscription.
  8. Aisman_

    Dumb female presentation

    It is certainly not a hentai game.
  9. Aisman_

    FF BETA BioFrame poison shot

    I know of a video where they used it to just spam around a thumper to keep the arachnas away. Sadly the person deleted or privatized all of their FF videos.
  10. Aisman_

    In need of a new game. Something to replace firefall till em8er.

    Well, my plan is to play Destiny 2 a bit further. And start playing Cyber Punk 2077 in November.
  11. Aisman_

    Em8er Groups & Alliances

    Probably a Raid focused group, that goes for high-end loot.
  12. Aisman_

    Sexual Dimorphism

    Oh please don't get the Gender Wars in this Game.
  13. Aisman_

    Repeating Mining Location Gradually Increases Difficulty

    I like the idea. That would replace upgrading the Thumper, if something like that would get implemented.
  14. Aisman_

    FireFall Community Memory Dump

    LVL 5 FireFall Steam Badge. Got it today.
  15. Aisman_

    Lifetime vip account in Firefall

    The Forums for Firefall are down, so no one can check if that is really you. Nothing can be done there.
  16. Aisman_

    enough skins...

    Yeah like Thorp said. The subscription program is for fans, that like skins. There will only be a one time purchase to access the game.
  17. Aisman_

    Short Distance Teleport Pads to Replace Glider Pads

    Maybe some kind of emergency teleport pad, that you can place anywhere. You then can activate or deactivate it, if you want to be teleported or not. When activated, it will automatically teleport you to the pad, when you reach a critical amount of hp.
  18. Aisman_

    Music Producer and Audio Engineer.

    These are all very cool. Good work.
  19. Aisman_

    Crodus the ultime Monster Kai Ju

    Cant watch the video. It says the user was terminated.
  20. Aisman_


    Old but Gold.