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  1. Fillmore

    FillmoreBucks Opportunity

    This one's worth 3.
  2. Fillmore

    The Official FillmoreBucks Thread

    What is a #x10305illmoreBuck? It's a non-canon currency I invented. For fun. If you manage to get #x1030520.00, you can trade it in for an Em8er T-Shirt. Just pay shipping. (Sorry gotta include that, the international audience here is pretty big, and I can't afford shipping to Timbuktu.)...
  3. Fillmore

    Founder T-Shirts Available

    T-Shirts are FINALLY available. After all the nonsense of below, and me finally giving in and going with a more complicated, more expensive, but FAR more reliable method, T-Shirts should be purchasable. The white versions are available right now, and the CHROMA shirts will be available later...
  4. Fillmore

    Em-8ER T-Shirts! (Grummz Approved! ...sort of)

    UPDATE #1: UPDATE #2: Greetings Emberites! As you all know there were, sadly, no physical rewards available...