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  1. Omnires

    Nonconventional enemies

    Sorry if this makes to sense but I just wake up and not in my right mind yet. But want about having a few nonconventional enemies in the game? I think it would be fun to have something like this in the game in a hidden area somewhere.
  2. Omnires

    Nerdy Question

    Although having some physics in the game would be nice to have because they work better with some of the things I want to do. Pick up and throw objects at enemies. (rocks, trees, throwing weapons like spears / javelins, and so on.) Picking up and throwing smaller or light mass enemies. Picking...
  3. Omnires

    Idea: Nerf as Buff

    I think I touched on this before here and there about how I would like to see different systems work with each other and can overlap with other things to make do stuff they wouldn't be able to do otherwise. For example if there are different types of thrusters in the game. If I want to make...
  4. Omnires

    Giving Every Frame an Ult. Bad idea? Alternative options?

    I think that rather than a ult linked to the frame it would be better if we had combo abilities that can overlap to make something with more effect. You take an ability the pilot has, an ability of the frame itself, and the ability of the weapon you are using. Those 3 abilities combined will...
  5. Omnires

    Nerdy Question

    The square cube law vs giant monsters. And super mass mechs vs gravitational collapse.
  6. Omnires

    Orbital Station/Social Hub

    One of my favorite memories of a social hub in games comes from Anarchy Online. I was waiting inside of the bar / night club for the rest of member of org (that game's version of guilds) to log on so we can do boss raid that needed about 20 to do because more than one boss spawns at the same...
  7. Omnires

    Evasion tactics

    Anti-weapon systems - These are weapons and devices that are designed to counter the existence of another type of weapons. This include cyber warfare and hacking. Here are some examples. Anti-missile array - Often times a small fast moving missile that can intercept other missiles mid flight...
  8. Omnires

    Evasion tactics

    The stealth walking thing reminded me of something years ago that I forgotten in my martial arts days. Because I naturally have a habit of subconsciously walking and running on my toes without my heels ever touching the ground I move both fast and make little sound for a person of my size...
  9. Omnires

    Evasion tactics

    This thread is all about evasion tactics and maneuvers. What options do we have in the game to avoid taking damage, with or without the aid of technology? So post your ideas on ways to avoid taking damage. I started this thread because I'm an anti-tank player by nature. Not only in the sense...
  10. Omnires

    Screen shake at the end of a magazine

    The thing with energy weapons is that there are 2 types of reload style, 3 if you count hybrid style. Battery type - The gun's ammo count is how much power it drains from the battery. One type this a fixed energy fire mode, making it so that every shot takes the same amount to energy to each...
  11. Omnires

    Apparel types & thoughts

    The thing with biofeedback systems is that the give you a lot of intuitive control over things because they act like an extension of the body. But like I pointed out before there are pros and cons to such systems. One of them things that things like pain and damage can also be transferred back...
  12. Omnires

    Screen shake at the end of a magazine

    I have not played the demo on anything yet. But when I play games I use the sound of the gun to tell me how much ammo is left in the mag without even looking. This is because in a good number of games you can hear tone of the gun change as you fire it and mag gets lower and lower. Hell in some...
  13. Omnires

    Apparel types & thoughts

    I don't mind the idea of cloths having stats and stuff linked to them as long as they make sense, utilitarianism and all. As long as we talking in-game money and not real world money, because it is no different from buying weapons and stuff from NPCs. Plus given how the omniframes use a...
  14. Omnires

    Apparel types & thoughts

    Because I'm a believer in function over form I would like to see one of the cloths manufacturers be more utilitarian in their designs. With that in mind because of how I like to as stealth units that do both melee and range fighting I would like to have some thermoptic camouflage with light body...
  15. Omnires

    An arsenal of weapons and damage suggestions thread

    That is one of the things about games that I hate. It makes a lot of people think that kinetic damage is only physical damage. But in reality kinetic energy is all movement and heat. Meaning in real life kinetic weapons make heat just by the nature of how kinetic energy works. This means that...
  16. Omnires

    Mek & vehicle Customization

    If we have the freedom to place thrusters on the mecha anywhere we wanted too. I would love to have that effect how well you fly and hover. Because I will add extra thrusters on my mech in key spots to do things like make be slide side-to-side faster and do things like 2ed stage boost overdrive...
  17. Omnires

    An arsenal of weapons and damage suggestions thread

    Personally I think the idea of damage types, and by extension weapons that use it, and be used for more than one thing just like in real life. A good example of this sound based ranged and vibration based melee weapons. Because of how sound works the gun itself can be used to help you map out...
  18. Omnires

    Bad luck protection

    I remember in this one JRPG I played many years ago (I think like the late 90's maybe) one of the bad luck protection systems would trigger one of the goddesses of the world to show up to you and give you a gift. They worked the system in such a way that it lined up with the lore of the game...
  19. Omnires

    I Don't Like the Rifts

    I always been a fan of the more realistic idea of rifts and wormholes, that being a sphere hole in space. But because it is really hard for most people to picture something like that, in movies and stuff they often so them as 2D objects rather than 3D orbs.
  20. Omnires

    Em8er - Character Creation

    I think Phantasy Star Online 2 has a good creator cheater. The things people can make in that game range from cartoonish to realistic. And some people even recreate characters from things other games and anime with it. There is a new Phantasy Star Online 2 coming out soon with an updated system...