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  1. liandri

    Anima Foundation Guild Lore - Chapter 4 Alaz

    Hi all. I'm currently writing a set of 5 stories to flesh out the background of the guild I intend to create. This is Chapter 4, following the Lorebringer Emerson Alaz, his Scribe understudies Macy and Vel, and their omniframe mechanic Rivet, on a mission to Seraph Vulcan's resting place to...
  2. liandri

    Unified Warfront Uplink (UWU)

    After reading the latest Vision Book update, I've been thinking more and more about the strategic side of Em-8ER, specifically when it comes to large-scale battles such as defending frontline bases, terraforming stations and taking down larger Kaiju. I propose a separate UI built specifically...
  3. liandri

    Australian Gaming Awards?

    It's 12:40 in the AM here, and I just found out there is a video game awards event on in Sydney. Just curious if anyone else in Australia is aware, or is going and wants to meet-up and chant for Fallout 76 for Game of the Year?