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  1. Rasgulla

    Working on reimagining of Firefall artworks.

    So I have downloaded a variety of artwork from The Melding Wars website to make a rendition of my own of these artworks. After : Before :
  2. Rasgulla

    What is everyone's favourite mythological creature ??

    Hi there fellas, just was curious to know what is you all's favorite mythological creature. Reply back, I'd be interested to know. For me I am in love and awe with Dragons since as a kid.
  3. Rasgulla

    Post the weirdest food you guys ever had !!!

    So the weirdest and not necessarily disgusting, food I ever had is the infamous Pineapple topped Pizza. It had Pizza sauce, pepperoni pieces on top, few basil leaves and a decent dose of sliced pineapple. I will go on to say I found it quite delicious contrary to what the general public makes it...
  4. Rasgulla

    Everyone's favorite food from their places ?!?!?

    I am from India and my favorite dish is Shahi Paneer. What about you guys ?? Reply with where you are from and your favorite dish from your place !! :)
  5. Rasgulla

    Any good way to look less drunk/high ?

    I don't drink or take drugs yet my friends and random people think I look high or drunk all the time. What should I do ? Any home remedies(anything other than explosives or firearms) ?
  6. Rasgulla

    Siding with a Kaiju

    Ok now don't get me wrong. I know Kaiju = Enemies But what if not every kaiju we meet/encounter is hostile. What if they just want to talk, sit down have a chat while eating some fried pineapples. What if there's a dynamic event where we see a kaiju suddenly decide to start helping us in...