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    Heinesnow's Art is Awesome

    This is not so much a poll as it is a petition for Grummz to find a way to get his art in the game. For reference, some of his creations can be found at
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    Cinematics in Em-8ER

    we could make our own fan-made cinematic and see if they'll use it. What you guys say?
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    ideas for Idents/logo presentation

    technically we already have an ident, if you use the animated emotes from the discord server
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    Kaiju idea: Goldbacker Gobbo

    or make them non-sentient. Consider: Instead of Gobbo being able to portal at his leisure, we do something else. You see, we've mined so much time ore that it's doing more than releasing Tsi-Hu; It's creating rifts throughout the time-space continuum itself, portaling creatures from other...
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    Kaiju idea: Goldbacker Gobbo

    Yes, however the OP indicates clearly that we know about goldback goblins before Em8er.
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    Kaiju idea: Goldbacker Gobbo

    this is very elaborate. I like it. Also, there was no sentient life before the Tsi-Hu, so you're going to have to retool some of that.
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    Enviroment hazards and Benefits

    earthquakes could expose hidden resources
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    How graphic do we plan to go?

    +1 for violence slider
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    Unofficial Crossover Speculation Thread

    Xenoblade Edit: No, that's not huge enough.
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    Unofficial Crossover Speculation Thread

    Because I like to make trouble.
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    Experimental VOXEL terrain build feedback

    1. Building terrain around bases the same way we build bases to be walls/bunkers/etc 2. Grummz suggested cave encounters. Of course caves would have to have enemies of some sort. My ideas to add to this are that caves have a unique resource you can only find in a cave encounter, and that a...
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    Handedness and holding styles

    I think that depends on Unreal more than the Em-8ER devs.
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    request: ai that sounds like this

    I just thought of this, don't necessarily think I would use it myself but would be cool to have anyway
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    Names for the Knee biters

    poppers, because they "pop", as Grummz suggested