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    Forum Feedback

    Well, my biggest issue is the color. Vastly prefered the darker color with that shifting pictures in the background (those were nice, and didn't get in the way much, especially on the main forums page they were nice, new one is rather... empty). Current thing is bright and besides being far less...
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    Em-8ER Video Update #5

    Hope we can get some pictures of those building concepts, I want to try making some, or at least getting as clear of an idea as possible of the direction you are planning to go with buildings.
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    Grummz' Navel Thread

    *Stares at Hal dancing in underpants* ...
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    What song are you listening right now?

    Ah yes, Hiroyuki Sawano - blAdE. Good stuffs. Currently listening to some... And...
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    Grummz' Navel Thread

    This thread is sinking to the bottom of forums again...
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    Ideas On Fighting Category 5 Kaiju

    For music, there's obviously the gold standard when fighting giant things, but here we are going after a more modern/mechanical type of enemy and with a more desperate feeling as they are the ones doing the attacking, so maybe some stuff with this type of energy/feel.