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    Skin pricing / rarity

    I'm pretty sure Grummz isn't pulling these numbers out of thin air, and he did mention that the pricing is similar to how much other games charge for their cosmetics. EM-8ER is different in that while in other games you'll pay about $25-$35 for the highest end skin you're stuck with what that...
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    The Song by itself:
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    THUMPING RETURNS! First iteration - Feedback

    Great build the whole encounter is really fun can't wait to see where it goes! -The sound of the rocks smashing into the ground is too loud -The Tsi-Hu Fire and hit the thumper from really far away, I think the current distance is appropriate for sniper units and the regular guys should come...
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    Villspor arrived

    Hey, Glad to have you aboard! The Latest build is called: "[LATEST] More FauFau Glider - Our second iteration of frame gliding! " I don't know if you are also a subscriber cause subscribers get one build behind newcomers and backers. Also there's a chief chat Tomorrow (July 8th) on Discord at...
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    Em8ER Merch! Which would you rather see?

    Uhhhhhhhhhh Water Bottles????
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    Spam Thread - Madness revised

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    May 20, 2021: Chief Chat Notes - "The Gizzard Gun"

    Great Work Fae!
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    New Unreal engine?

    The dev team isn't switching to the Unreal Engine 5 for demos, the game may transition to UE5 AFTER kickstarter
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    GLIDER TUNING BUILD phase 2 - feedback thread

    Now that the Glider deployment cost fuel I would suggest adding some upward thrust and than deploying the glider. this will make the fuel consumption make sense as you use it to thrust yourself upwards a bit to gain some altitude if you just jump and deploy the glider.
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    Nerdy Question

    I don't think it matters lol, this is a video game what ever physics they'll code in will be the laws of the game. There's no point in having realistic physics as you are piloting Giant Robots that are also Agile and fighting All kinds of Kaiju from Human to Godzilla sized all which are not...
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    The guy that plays on watermelons:
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    Send us your firefall footage!

    I don't know how different this is from the channel on Discord but here I go again:
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    TSI HU Overspawn Demo

    -My Mouse settings that I changed and Saved are reverting to default every time I open the game, and to fix it I just open the settings and click "Apply" without changing anything and it's fixed. -DLSS - When setting DLSS to "Auto" and saving it , it actually sets it to "Performance", all the...
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    [LATEST] Hundreds of Tsi-Hu attack!

    I'm now more acclimated to the new plasma cannon and I like that I'm now mixing a few Plasma shots to deal AoE and Fire my Assault Rifle while the Plasma Cannon Recharges. I feel like I hit more shots with the Assault Rifle and shooting overall feels easy which is nice -DLSS settings are...