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    Got 2 guns? Shoot at 2 targets, then!

    I see. Is that example meant to suggest that an auto turret attacking targets when the user is out of the line fire requires a similar type of skill to throwing a grenade in such a way that it will hit someone out of the line of fire? Or is the skill requirement immaterial for a turret, simply...
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    Got 2 guns? Shoot at 2 targets, then!

    To make sure I fully understand your stance. You are saying that- Aim assist lowers skill, and full auto aim is no skill. But an auto turret being an object separate from the body does not fall under those same two things because we are not supposed to control it. Following that through it...
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    Got 2 guns? Shoot at 2 targets, then!

    I'm sorry I didnt understand your analogy. You're saying that one is anti skill and one is not? Or that neither is?
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    Got 2 guns? Shoot at 2 targets, then!

    Interesting discussion going on in here. Just some food for thought to add in.... If auto aiming a second weapon is against skill based combat then would automatic turrets (like old engineer turrets) be anti skill as well?
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    What's the motivation here?

    Hello. I could delve into the history of firefalls development, and how much of it has been misrepresented buy certain parties. But..meh. instead I'll just give my own personal experience. I've worked with Mark for nearly two years now. On the Em-8ER project, he and I have spent countless hours...
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    Controller support

    Unreal Engine has a prety easy way to set up basic controller support, though high quality controller support takes some work. We are aware controller support is important to a fair amount of people, so we shall see.
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    Forum Feedback

    This is the right thread for this. glad to hear it! This is the wrong thread for this, but we will get you sorted. :-)
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    Forum Feedback

    Curently, the only way to change your user name is contact the staff.
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    Forum Feedback

    Greetings Reapers, Welcome to version 2.0 of the Em-8ER and Crixa forums. Do you like the new look? Happy with the new pictures? Have concerns about any part of it? Let us know right here in this thread. Ronyn
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    Having technical issues with the Em-8ER Forums, Web Site or Discord?

    Greetings Reapers, Having trouble logging in? Run into a strange bug on the boards? Is discord not starting for you? If you're having any sort of technical issues with one of our sites please post it here. I will make sure that it is looked into by the tech department. Ronyn
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    Backer Title Missing? Contact me right here.

    Greetings Reapers, Our last three indiegogo fundraisers were wildly successful thanks to you! Those of who contributed one of the proper amounts to receive a title should definitely have it visible under your name. If your backer title is still missing, give me a post right here and I will look...
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    Forums to be down until Monday for an upgrade!

    Greetings Reapers, We are about to upgrade these forums with the new hotness. So hold on to your backsides and get ready for the latest and greatest version of the Em-8ER forums. -Ronyn
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    Em-8ER Video Update #6 - OVERVIEW

    The naming contest was meant for the express purpose of choosing something that would become official lore, and be generally easy to say and hear. That in mind: Shifters is indeed the Tsi-hu's proper in-lore name, from the perspective of the Gatestriders. Like how in the Halo series, Elites...
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    Em-8ER Video Update #6 - OVERVIEW

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    Original Alpha Firefall vet checking in.

    We don't delete messages just for being negative about the game, but sometimes people delete their own messages. I can still see the deleted message though, and they certainly don't have any faith in the game. lol At any rate, I think the other folks in the thread have already answered pretty...