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    HeineSnow Art Related??

    This is another neat one are those tails or wings perhaps they are wingtails it reminds me of tails from sonic but with 4 times the tails! Those would be good for blocking things as it spins then again maybe it could be used for legs while you do lu kang kicks like this with the legs Those...
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    Having technical issues with the Em-8ER Forums, Web Site or Discord?

    Had no issues with win7 and discord it run effortlessly but since using windows 10 its a nightmare. Internet connections seems fine when browsing the interwebs and playing games but soon as i go into discord the connection cuts and internet stops working :S Have looked at my router, unplugged...
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    Chief Chat Video - 9 August 2018. New Chief Chat notification.

    Hope someone can post the latest video for the chief chat missed it yesterday :(
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    What are your hopes for fashionframes?

    I would like to see the skin of the cyborg ninja gray fox! and even characters from anime shows etc etc!
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    Thoughts on EmberFall and your place in the game?

    Here are my thoughts i am quite selective of the games that i play mainly because of interest in certain genres and if it has co-op etc Wouldn't of discovered about firefall if i never played global agenda and when that died heard of this Firefall which sounded interesting. Glad that i took a...
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    Cool and quite possibly inspirational stuff (But no politics)

    which was your favorite?
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    missed chats of chief and had nightmares, waiting for the next one hmm

    missed chats of chief and had nightmares, waiting for the next one hmm
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    Spam Thread - Madness revised

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    after listening to this i had to add this one the lalalalala was easy for everyone to sing and tom & jerry :D
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    Happy Birthday Silinder the cylinder

    Happy Birthday Silinder the cylinder