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    Ban the person above you

    Banned for discrimination against the art of Necromancy.
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    Looking at that 'Addicted' trophy and wishing i could be a 113 Reaper Boi too.

    Looking at that 'Addicted' trophy and wishing i could be a 113 Reaper Boi too.
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    Spam Thread - Madness revised

    Every time I see the Democratic party get shit on.
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    Old Firefall players, please respond!

    That username sounds remarkably familiar.
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    THE SHOT - A story from the Crixa Universe

    "Do you love me?" she asks coyly, your omniframe's hips swaying side to side. Your slight moment of hesitation rings alarm bells in her sub-systems. "You DO love me, right?" Her query more forceful than the last. You've always attempted to stand your ground. You've always lost. She assumes...
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    Miss Em-8er Waifu 2021 Contest!

    Inb4 this is secretly contest for a new skin and it ends up being a Feli catgirl with washboard abs.
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    I take issue with the female skins

    big booba Edit: But on a more constructive note, Em8ER may have a toggle in the settings that allows you to either turn certain skins off as per your sensibilities, or all non-sci-fi skins off. It's been mentioned multiple times across the forums and Discord but we are yet to see exactly how it...
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    Miss Em-8er Waifu 2021 Contest!

    Yeah but consider the following.
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    Things we want back!

    Every time you shoot, it switches all your hotkeys around and opens your disk drive. EVERY. TIME. I certainly wouldn't mind seeing some cosmetics as rare drops (ala Battleframe paint sets, Stellar Ponies etc., Brontodon Pet) only obtainable through gameplay or trading. A duelling option would...
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    Fish Bowl lens?

    The images on your original post look like you've set the FOV to 18 horizontal and 173 horizontal. If you want to avoid that effect, stay around 90-100 horizontal as the higher you go, the more pronounced the effect will be. If you're using a 21:9 or 32:9 monitor, you can go higher. FYI - If...
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    Grummz/Devs/ Community Team Appreciation Thread

    it be good to be an emboi thank emboi team *cough* No one in particular.