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    On a scale of 1 - 10 how hyped are you?

    Kinda hard to let myself get hyped after what happened to Firefall.
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    Old Firefall players, please respond!

    Bammoth reporting!
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    PDF Game Vision Book Next Week - Sneak Peak Next Fundraiser

    Sir, I hope you're not going to make it too realistick. Firefall was quite stylised and I bet a lot of people loved it for it. Also gameplay over graphics)
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    This website has to be perfect

    Update on #5. In Chrome one can set a custom icon for a bookmark. 1. Get this extension. 2. Load an icon from this thread (thanks to NanoTechnician! I will also attach it though) 3. Go to embers website and kick extension in. 4. Upload an .ico file u desire!
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    This website has to be perfect

    Aye aye, Xeevis, I've done that and it says claimed so me be happy. Update: 6. There's no (at least clearly visual) log-in button - only "SIGN UP NOW" one which can be quite misleading. Yeah, it's a tiny issue but this website has to be perfect as we all know.
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    Section - Omniframes (ver 2 edited)

    It's Tsi-Hu, isn't it?
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    Firefall Credit Program - Em-8ER to offer full credit for founder packs

    now that's very nice. lookin forward for ember closed beta ;)
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    This website has to be perfect

    5. There appears to be no browser tab icon (at least in chrome): As well as no bookmark icon:
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    This website has to be perfect

    Just like the game (aye, I believe so). I'm a little afraid to state this because of uncertainty I have a right to, but: 1. "Home" button up there (as well as Em-8er logo button to the left from it) should take a person clicking it to the main webpage ( instead of forums...
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    The THMPR Art Demo is LIVE!

    What's with the Patreon link? Wanna give u my money. I only found an article about the game.
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    Introduction Thread

    Used to be mammoth with purple resilient plating
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    The Omniframe Revealed

    I hope so much the artstyle would be somewhat as the Firefall's one