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    Do you ever worry about Scope Creep for the Em8er project?

    Your post was an enjoyable read, but you're exaggerating a bit there regarding the characters' proportions. None of the characters is outside the realm of reality. I've seen many a skinner woman with larger bust than Lucretia, who stands to be the bustiest thus far. Furthermore, the notion that...
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    Who's in your avatar?

    Who's in your avatar?
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    Do you ever worry about Scope Creep for the Em8er project?

    Let me preface this by making this clear outright: I fucking love Grummz. I love his work, and I love his repeated refusals to kowtow before mobs (especially the twitter-SJW mod that loves to try to cancel him whenever it's a waning gibbous moon). Furthermore, this isn't truly a complaint, but...
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    New Skin and Lore Drop for October 2020

    I love Grummz just as much for his awesome portfolio as a game dev as I do for his god-tier taste in waifus. Boobs and navels: the simple stuff makes life enjoyable.
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    Ark Liege Custom NPC Question

    One of the perks for $1,500 donators is getting their own custom NPC in the game. >Create a custom NPC for game (Name and Background/Dialog). Will this entail the character being of your own design, as well?
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    Darla has arrived! - November 2019 Subscriber Skin.

    The more short-hair midriff girls, the better.
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    Midriff in EM8ER

    Indeed, that's where I posted this. Sorry, did I miss a thread already talking about it -specifically in EM8ER- ? I looked through them; guess I'm a mong.
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    Midriff in EM8ER

    Forgive me if this isn't the place or an appropriate topic. I'm a big fan of Grummz and have donated as I eagerly await this project. One thing I've talked to him on twitter about is the possibility of a waifu NPC in EM8ER having delicious midriff. He replied that he was trying to work it in...
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    [Concluded] Just $1 to get plenty of Em-8ER M3 milestone exclusive rewards

    I just donated; unfortunately I'm not seeing the e-mail confirmation. :/ Edit: success. Grummz, I don't know if you read this, but please include a delicious waifu with midriff in honor of our donations (mine included). :)