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    Old Firefall players, please respond!

    Late to the party - Troll & Shit poster
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    Aliens Revealed - The Tsihu

    What's the proper pronunciation of Tsihu? Tis-shoe or PSYwho?
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    Backer Update and Omniframe Teaser GIMP are good alternatives when cy is low
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    Backer Update and Omniframe Teaser

    Well it seems my cat omniframe was misinterpreted as another D.VA request,I am not opposed to this and I have now *fixed* the D.VA frame
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    What's everyone playing right now?

    We Happy Few (Early Access) Human : Fall Flat
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    in b 4

    in b 4
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    First actual thread, How about making it a tombstone for firefall?

    I feel if there were to be any call backs to firefall they should be made, a familiar female voice over should say " Ok Boss, things are different since the corporations took over and all went to hell - No worries now boss, it's all a memory now, were here to finish the fight.
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    Triggered and Test

    So I just noticed this (previous Canon copier technician here) this is the result of 5 mins of work:
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    Test Post!