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    Thread: If You Dont Like The Unreal 4 Engine........ in Ember & The Unreal Engine

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  2. Thread: Em-8ER 2016 Recap and New Additions in Ember Art & Design Updates

  3. Ronyn

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    It's still a secret...though I'm betting that somewhere hidden between the lines will be the meaning of life written in code. heh
  4. Thread: Em-8ER 2016 Recap and New Additions in Ember Art & Design Updates

  5. Ronyn

    Ronyn Ghostryker Community Manager

    It's actually a vision book, not an art book. There will be some art in it of course, but the focus of the book is on sharing the vision of the game.
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  6. Thread: Em-8ER 2016 Recap and New Additions in Ember Art & Design Updates

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  8. Thread: Discord Widget Updated in News & Announcements

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    I have rewrote the entire widget for new platform, now is generated directly by bot (instead of using separate web server and JSON) and I've also sneaked in most of the backlog I had on it.
    • Fixed widget erroring out every 20 minutes
    • Fixed some avatars not being found
    • Fixed rare case of missing usernames (might still need some tweaking for exotic charset names)
    • Fixed emojis displaying in :emoji: format
    • Improved caching
    • Formerly if widget restarted chat log emptied, now bot repopulates widget from Discord history
    • Added support for message updates/deletions
    • Eased truncating to allow 3 lines of text and changed how it behaves (might need more tweaking if spacing is hard to read)
    • Added first iteration of autorefreshing, just hit play in upper left corner and widget will refresh every 5 seconds. (Once I have more time I'll try to move it to more eye-candy javascript without flickering and with animations).
      Widget now updates in realtime automatically.
    • Added hued usernames and tags
    • I've also took liberty of adding another small button in a corner that will display basic information about the widget, check it out ;)
    • Added querystring options to display different channels and number of messages (if you want to check on Em-8ER discord without running it).

    Or display last 50 messages from DevTracker:
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  10. Thread: Some of the Top things that pushed me out of FF in General Ember Discussion

  11. Ronyn

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    There is almost always an economy of some sort. A game certainly doesn't need durability in particular to have one, there are many ways to go. That is what I have been talking about in this thread. That there are many options, a games developers must choose the right style of economic model for the game they are looking to make.
    Sinks can come in many forms. Gain loss ration can be made to a be something the player thinks about a lot, or a little, depending on the system. Etc. Again, the developer must choose what is best for the type of game they are looking to make.

    For what it's worth, I don't believe the big community schism was over whether gear needed to be repaired. I believe the big controversial issue of the community was whether or not items decay and/or break. The controversy was over the amount of time required to spend crafting and in markets.

    We are very aware that among the community there are different preferences on which way we go. Ultimately the choice we make is based what we feel will best represent a cohesive, unified vision that Grummz has set out for the game. No game will please everybody, but if a developer doesn't stick to a clear direction then youre likely to end up with a game that barely pleases anybody.

    Let me be clear. For Em-8ER the teams plan is to put in just "durability", which means that the weapons and gear will need resources for repairs to stay in good shape. It's not "decay", as your weapons and gear will never get to the point where they permanently break. This is not like the old FF systems of patch 6.0 to 9.0 where items would decay to the point where they inevitably, and permanently break. This is not like EVE online where items permanently break on player death. This is not a system where your weapons and gear permanently break at all. They simply need repairs. Whether or not the gear takes a larger durability hit in death is still to be decided, but either way the items are not going to permanently break.

    However, the buildings and defenses we make in bases can be destroyed. And vehicles will likely be able to be destroyed as well. Those are consumables of a fashion. And consumables of other types may or may not end up playing a larger role in the system as well, for that we will see. We have never announced "no consumables", we have only announced the basics of primary gear,bases and vehicles.
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  12. Thread: Dev Tracker Updated in News & Announcements

  13. Grummz

    Grummz Administrator Ember Dev

    We had a bug with the DevTracker that showed internal posts by mistake (we use internal posts to discuss policies and board moderation, etc.).

    Thanks to Fillmore, this is fixed!
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  14. Thread: [2.2.1] Change how forums look with Em-8ER Forums Dashboard™ addon! in General Ember Discussion

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    Update 2.1 - Changed supported domain from old emberthegame.com to new em8er.com (script will no longer work on older domain)
  16. Thread: Discord's GameBridge as text/voice chat solution in Ember & The Unreal Engine

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    I see no downsides beside being reliant on 3rd party service. But if I compare beta of Firefall and how chat was broken half the time and beta of Discord which derped like only once or twice in a year I don't think one can do much better with inhouse solution. I don't know what UE4 market has to offer on this front so there may be more solutions to consider.

    But this would certainly be time and cost effective, if you grab professional engine, you might as well grab professional middleware. Many developers grab SpeedTree to cut costs on trees and vegetation. This isn't different.
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  18. Thread: Discord's GameBridge as text/voice chat solution in Ember & The Unreal Engine

  19. Xeevis

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    Discord is great and we all love it. These guys outdid themselves again and created SDK for game-makers to implement their awesome technology within games. It's middleware worth considering not just because of great features it provides, but also because ...

    It's FREE!

    And best things in life come free. Should be easy to implement into UE4, it supports dynamic creation of channels so can work well for team chats, zone chats, guild chats (persistent, could also be joined outside the game).

    It offers both text chat (with it's many features) and low latency voice chat ... and on top of that it also supports bots (you know I love bots).


    Doesn't sound so bad does it? What you guys think?
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  20. Thread: Some of the Top things that pushed me out of FF in General Ember Discussion

  21. Ronyn

    Ronyn Ghostryker Community Manager

    To be fair, all screenshots of someones personal gameplay experiences can prove, is what happened in their personal gameplay experience. One thing that remains true in any economy like that is that the cost to gain ratio will not be the same for all people involved. So we have to factor in that what one person can do, does not reflect what all people can do. Hence, why some folks would have a certain gain to loss problem that others do not.

    Then factor in that when many players looked to replenish their gear, they may have only looked at stuff similar to what they liked to use. They may not even have been aware that they could have made gear of similar power had they simply looked at different types of loadouts. Which then leads us to the whole part about players wanting a system that lets them earn what they wanted, as opposed to earning what happens to be available at the time.

    I do not mean to be callous about it, there just isn't any way to get around that it was built in a way that didn't please a lot of people. We can pull out specific situations, we can argue that had a certain players simply done X, or simply accepted Y, then maybe they would have had a different experience. But, at the end of it all, the system was built to function a certain way that required a certain set of preferences to enjoy it. I understand why some folks liked it, I understand why some folks didn't like it. It is primarily a matter of preference in how an economic model works.

    Before I can explore that possibility, I have to re-frame that question a bit.
    I'm not sure that you meant to imply it but it is not fair to equate preference with patience in the context of this conversation.

    That said, you are in luck, the above mentioned features tend to be well received. If the many successful shooter games that have incorporated RPG elements and/or progression systems are any indication, tons of shooter players are more than fine with choosing gear and earning currency. Firefall had those things long before the 6.0 patch, and there was no controversy surrounding them. It is clear that those weren't the mechanics that became a big point of contention among the community, it was a particular economic model. So then, if you're suggesting that you can make a full on crafter heaven economic model that only requires the actioner heaven player to do those basic things, then you may be on to something.

    The proposal could use some refinements but I see where you're going with it. Something along those lines should function in a game just fine hypothetically. What leaves me uncertain is whether it would offer enough of the min/maxing and stat tweaking that the more extreme crafter fans crave. That is hard to say. Moreover, there is a niche of people who like a market that has true shifting availability. Such a mechanic, if done to a relevant degree, is just plain contrary to a quick-replace system. As one direction requires that sometimes certain things just aren't anywhere, while the other direction requires that everything is always somewhere. It is why I remain unconvinced that a true crafter heaven economy can exist alongside a true actioner heaven system. I do love trying to figure that out for fun though! :)

    If by revolutionary you mean the first game to achieve both crafter heaven and actioner heaven simultaneously, maybe. But there is still uncertainty on that. What I do not follow though, is where does your assertion that such an economic model makes the game less costly to develop in money/manpower?
  22. Thread: Chief Chat on Discord! Coming soon. in News & Announcements

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    Ronyn Ghostryker Community Manager

    We have no particular day in mind, if you have a preferred day in mind, let us know.
  24. Thread: Chief Chat on Discord! Coming soon. in News & Announcements

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    Ronyn Ghostryker Community Manager

    Greetings Reapers,

    I've got some good news. Grummz, the main man himself, would like to schedule a time for when he will be on Discord. We are calling it, Chief Chat. It's going to be an hour long conversation, where he discusses his thoughts on a specific part of Em-8ER. For this very first Chief Chat the subject will be lore and narrative. That's right fellow lore hounds, our day is near!

    The above poll is to get a sense of what time of day will give us the largest number of community members online at the same time. From this information, we will look for the best time and day to have this Chief Chat. Also if you have a preference of certain days, please let us know in the comment section below.

    We understand that everyone has very different schedules out there, that means there is no way to get every single person online at once. So, for those who won't be able to make it, we will make sure you can catch up on everything said in the conversation at your earliest convenience.

    You certainly can! Community questions will be aloud provided they are on the specific subject of the chat. If you already have a question in mind, feel free to put your questions about lore and narrative in the comments section below. Grummz will do his very best to answer what he can in the Chief Chat, but please understand that there are certain things he already plans to cover, time is limited, and we definitly want to keep a lot of stuff as a surpise for later!

    Keep your minds open and your bodies ready Reapers, some knowledge is about to drop.
  26. Thread: Some of the Top things that pushed me out of FF in General Ember Discussion

  27. Ronyn

    Ronyn Ghostryker Community Manager

    Oh yes definitely! It's one of those things that has to "fit in" with the rest of the game, or be fully optional, but definitely.
  28. Thread: Some of the Top things that pushed me out of FF in General Ember Discussion

  29. Ronyn

    Ronyn Ghostryker Community Manager

    Yes of course. Exactly like I said, supplemental vs forefront. Knowing when, what, where and how to place the peaks and valleys is important. And it's based largely on the audience you are trying to please. That's what pacing deals with. Also, putting effort into doing some set of features you don't even enjoy for a prolonged period of time doesn't count as "downtime". What is enjoyed, like everything else, comes down to the audience you are trying to please.
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  30. Thread: Some of the Top things that pushed me out of FF in General Ember Discussion

  31. Ronyn

    Ronyn Ghostryker Community Manager

    Keep in mind when we talk about "most commonly", there will always be those who fall outside of that.
    Myself for example. I don't need progression systems to put a hundred+ hours into a PVE game as long as the combat is fun. I'm not typical in that regard.

    Thing is, if making a shooter game, would you normally put a mechanics that required the player to spend a bunch of time not shooting, scrolling through menu's, crunching numbers, or having to change the nature of their loadout (read: playstyle) because of resource availability? usually that stuff is held back to the supplemental layer, where it acts as an appreciated pallet cleanser and aspect of depth. It is not usually up in the forefront where it creates a lot of mental energy devoted to it. That is because most of the time that will turn tons of shooter players off.

    Another thing for the avergae a shooter player, they may not be attached to their gear like the average mmo player. But that doesn't mean they want to spend a bunch of time tooling around with the crafter or market menu just to gear up.
  32. Thread: Some of the Top things that pushed me out of FF in General Ember Discussion

  33. Ronyn

    Ronyn Ghostryker Community Manager

    That's not what I recall reading from people for the most part.

    Most commonly, the people who didn't want their gear to break were not looking for other people to buy their gear indefinitely. While the people who wanted to keep selling their gear indefinitely, were more open to gear breaking. The true disconnect was in the type of player speaking at the time. The "average shooter game player" and the "combat focused mmorpg player "weren't really worried about the economy in and out, they just wanted to know that it wouldn't get in their way. The "sandbox game player" and the more "economically minded MMORPG player" were often interested in the churn of the economy, so they were ok with having to think about it and make decisions regarding it as they played.

    One of the big reasons for the schism in firefall's community was that you had people who came to the game expecting very different types of experience. For a time red 5 had the idea that they could please both of those extremes. Is it possible? Maybe. But to my knowledge no game has ever achieved it to date.

    The better idea, if there is such a thing, is to start by accepting that one game will not please all preferences.
    To not expect the "super crafters" and the "pure shooters" to somehow love the same game.
    So then you decide which side of the coin is the "focus", and which side is the "supplement".
    There is always some overlap between player bases, but a dev has to choose a main audience.
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  34. Thread: Some of the Top things that pushed me out of FF in General Ember Discussion

  35. Ronyn

    Ronyn Ghostryker Community Manager

    Yes, this is more or less accurate. If the wrong type of power boots were included into the game, they would cease to be optional.

    In the most general sense of them all being a trade of resource for power, those options can indeed lead to the same general end. Balancing resource in and out is certainly key. Still that is an oversimplification of the differences between some of these options. More importantly however, it that it is imperative to understand that the psychological effect is no small thing. The psychological effect of every system in a game must be carefully considered.To put it in simple words, how a game feels to the player is the ultimate goal, the driving purpose, and the end result of every-other-thing you do to make it.

    There should be no remaining lack of understanding as I have already explained the issue what caused many folks a problem, and later I also mentioned the designers intent behind why that system was created as it was. (to push/force players to change their loadout based on resource availability. which, btw, is very much the opposite of the quick-buy system you suggest.)
    So yes, in 6 to 9 it was easy to get a bunch of resources, getting the right resources to make the stuff you actually wanted was quite another matter because of how everything interacted. To show screenshots of resources as rewards and suggest that proves some sort of point is an oversimplification and a disservice to true nature of the issue.
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  36. Thread: Some of the Top things that pushed me out of FF in General Ember Discussion

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    Of that, you can be certain. :D
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  38. Thread: Some of the Top things that pushed me out of FF in General Ember Discussion

  39. Ronyn

    Ronyn Ghostryker Community Manager

    I do not even buy in to your above premise. I have already addressed this assertion. I will not again.

    I can see how, if you ignore that I am speaking from my stance of what-creates-what, and view my words through your stance on what-creates-what, you heard the stuff about" The original argument was that a damper on power-creep and a functional economy was not "possible", better yet, unlickely. The original argument was that you all supported horizontal progression yet all you cared about was MOAR POWA. "
    However, that was not my message. That was not my original argument. As, again, I do not buy into the premise you set. Clearly my attempt to teach has fallen short. I will leave it be then. There is nothing else for me to say.

    BTW, I still see deleted posts. heh