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    Thread: Milestone 2 Backers - IMPORTANT UPGRADE INFO! in News & Announcements

  1. Grummz

    Grummz Administrator Ember Dev

    Milestone 2 backers!! IMPORTANT MESSAGE $35 Emberite and above are now formally upgraded to receiving 1 copy of the final game, Max Kahunas will get an extra copy as well. We have one day left on M3 funding. Please be aware that milestone perks and stretch goals are exclusive to each funding round unless otherwise noted. If you want to unlock the M3 (milestone 3) stretch goals, you must donate at least $1 to M3 here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/em-8er-mech-... If you are already a backer of M3 then you do not need to donate anything. You will receive the stretch goals in that funding round.
  2. Thread: 75K Reached! BIKES unlocked. NEW GOAL Combat Music! in News & Announcements

  3. Grummz

    Grummz Administrator Ember Dev

    NEW $85,000 STRETCH GOAL!
    Combat Music by Michael Bross!

    We've blasted past our 75k stretch goal, so now it's time to announce our 85k goal! Michael Bross, Audio Director and Lead Composer for Firefall, will compose the combat music for the game and the playable mockup!


    All backers will also receive (at final game), the Tiki Torch group emote. Throw down a sci-fi Tiki torch and all nearby Omniframes will dance, along with player characters. The Tiki torch will play a popular Em-8ER in-joke (as an option): a classic sea shanty modernized and sung by Grummz himself. For more in-jokes and fun, don't forget to join us on our Discord server: https://discord.gg/A8jsTfU


    You did it! We've reached 75k with Paypal counted. You've unlocked the one and only bike that will ever be made for Em-8ER and ONLY available to backers of this round. If you want this bike, this will be the ONLY time to get it EVER in the game. Just back for $1 (current backers already receive this unlock) and have this epic bike that will be able to hold 2 character player riders (concept still being refined so additional seat will be added).

    You've also funded the invasion mockup: a non playable Unreal exe that shows what an invasion looks like. This will be used to add to our THMPR playable mockup and filmed together for our Kickstarter video.

    Congratulations backers! New backers, pledge now to receive ALL the stretch goals noted here (Max and Kaiju Slayers have some exclusive stretches not available to everyone)
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  4. Thread: Goal Achieved! 75 thousand funded! in News & Announcements

  5. Ronyn

    Ronyn Deepstryker Community Manager

    How about a tiki torch you can throw down that makes everyone dance...
    and comes with music with Grummz himself singing a tune? :D
  6. Thread: Only 72 Hours Left to Back Em-8ER in News & Announcements

  7. Ronyn

    Ronyn Deepstryker Community Manager

    We keep records of such things. :)
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  8. Thread: Goal Achieved! 75 thousand funded! in News & Announcements

  9. Ronyn

    Ronyn Deepstryker Community Manager

    Reapers, we have done it! We have made it through the 75K -warp-gate-of-awesomeness.
    Between Indiegogo and the official paypal account, your generous investments into Em-8ER's fuure...
    We have unlocked every single stretch goal listed on the indiegogo campaign!

    Now, we want to hear from you. Is there anything else we can add to this campaign in these final hours? Before we take off our fundraising hats and dive deep into the development of the milestones leading to the full mock up, we want to know what kind of things you would like to see as a small stretch goal to take us over the top!

    That's right Reapers, it's time.
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  10. Thread: YAAY I DID IT! in General Ember Discussion

  11. Ronyn

    Ronyn Deepstryker Community Manager

    Now this is adorable! Thank you very much.
  12. Thread: Only 72 Hours Left to Back Em-8ER in News & Announcements

  13. Grummz

    Grummz Administrator Ember Dev

    There are less than 72 hours to back Em-8ER in a fantastic campaign that is 300% funded! You get the full playable mockup for backing now, and we are on to our $75,000 stretch goal.

    Our 75k goal unlocks the player motorcycle! The goal will create an Unreal engine mockup of a big invasion battle between Omniframes, Tsi-Hu shapeshifters and Kaiju. The REWARD is the Thunder Bumpin Bike. This bike is unique and will not be offered again. ALL backers who pledge will receive this one of a kind bike if we reach 75k. There are NO bikes in Em-8ER, these will be the only ones ever offered as a thank you to Firefall vets who support the dream. They will be 2-seaters, so you can bring a friend for a ride available no-where else in the game.

    This is our kickstarter video to fund the full-time company. We will use this invasion mockup AND the playable mockup to fund a highly polished video that showcases gameplay, explains gameplay mechanics with animated visuals, and has a highly polished production value.

    Back us now and you will receive all the stretch goals unlocks, including the 60k Wing, the CHROMA Omniframe and THMPR Skins and much more! You can back for as little as $1 to lock in these unique skins that will not be available in any other funding round.

    Fund us now, less than 72 hours left! https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/em-8er-mech-vs-kaiju-wargame-m3-milestone/x/14521346#/
  14. Thread: 200% Funded! CONTEST & STREAM today! in News & Announcements

  15. Ronyn

    Ronyn Deepstryker Community Manager

    300 % funded!
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  16. Thread: Last Weekend of Funding! Event Schedule! NEW Stretch Goal! in News & Announcements

  17. Grummz

    Grummz Administrator Ember Dev

    There are less than 5 days left of funding for Em-8ER’s 3rd milestone and already we’ve reached over $47,000 and 500 backers! That’s 230%+ of our goal! (counting Paypal)

    BACK NOW! Sunday is the last day of funding! With your help we’ve already raised enough to allow us to create:

    Human Male & Female characters
    Geesuit Pilot Suits
    An Omniframe Gun and modular art pipeline
    Tsi-Hu Shapeshifters in humanoid & beast form
    Basic shooting & combat
    Motion capture animations
    Base concepts
    Concept and Model a Kaiju giant monster

    60k GOAL - Fund the ENTIRE Playable Mockup!

    We are so close to the final 60k needed to create the entire playable mockup. As a stretch goal, we are looking to create the entire THMPR encounter: calling down a THMPR mining mech and defending it from waves of shape-shifting alien attacks and defeat a giant kiaju at the end. This sample encounter from the game will be featured in our upcoming Kickstarter to fund the full-time company to produce Em-8ER!

    To do it, we need your help to spread the word, back the game, and earn the NEW 60k STRETCH GOAL REWARD: Omniframe 60k-Wings!


    Here is a sneak peak of the concept for these unique, collectable wings that will only be unlocked if we reach the 60k goal. Keep in mind that ALL backers will receive these wings if we achieve the goal!


    The wings here are pictured in two size. We will be experimenting to see if the wings can be scaled up in flight, and scaled down for walking/running. At the very least they will be the same size as the standard omniframe wings.

    All Backers Receive These Stretch Goal Rewards!

    Nearly all rewards for stretch goals are unlocked for every backer this milestone (and delivered with final game). If a new backer were to pledge just ONE DOLLAR, they would receive ALL these EXCLUSIVE stretch goals, but ONLY if they back this milestone:

    Decals! “Tiki God Mask” and pin-up “Nose Art” decals for your frame.
    CHROMA Jets! Alter the color and fx of your jump jets!
    Mini Tsi-Hu Beast Pet!
    THMPR CHROMA skin! Customizable glow stripes for your THMPR!
    Founder Emotes! (3 character, 3 omniframe) exclusive!
    CHROMA Omniframe skin! Customize the glows on your Omniframe!
    3D Printer files of the Kaiju Beast!

    These will never be offered again. This milestone is the only time these will be available. So back now to lock them in. You can do so for as little as a dollar on our IndieGoGo page. ANY amount will work.

    FREE PRIZES! Chief Chat with Lead Designer

    We are giving away FREE perks as random draws and for answering trivia questions about the lore and gameplay of Em-8ER. Join, Mark Kern, our lead designer, as we discuss Em-8ER’s gameplay and give away prizes. We will have THREE chief chats with prizes in the upcoming days:

    Friday, the 30th 12pm PDT
    Saturday, the 1st 12pm PDT
    Sunday, the 2nd 3pm PDT

    Join us for a great time of game dev talk, banter and some great prizes including multiple $500 Base Commander Perks up for grabs!


    Thank you again for an amazing 3rd fundraiser. Your support has been incredible and we would not be here today without you. Thank you.

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  18. Thread: Chief Chat Prize Winners! in Contests, Events & Giveaways!

  19. Ronyn

    Ronyn Deepstryker Community Manager

    Salutations reapers,

    This past weekend was the first, yet certainly not last, special chief chat with prizes. In case you missed it, it was an opportunity for the community to win various backer rewards hosted by the great Great Grummz himself and yours truly.

    Over a dozen people received rewards either through skillful answers of tough trivia questions or shear luck in random draws!

    Now, let's give it up for the winners!

    Fridays Winners
    Terib.Shadow (Gifted to another)
    Terib.Shadow (Gifted to another)




    Watson Dynamite

    Sundays Winners

    Malleator (gifted to another)


    Naleel Dragneel/MiraclePemberton


    Malleator (Kept)

    Tazman_nz (Copy of full game upon release)

    Lomgren (Deepscanner level)

    Speaking for myself, it was practically too much fun and I look forward to doing it again! If you were there, you know why! If you missed it, then you'll definitely want to catch up on the bits of new information and multiple moments of strange humor!

    What do you guys think, should we do this again?
  20. Thread: Can we upgrade Kickstarter packs at a later stage? in General Ember Discussion

  21. Ronyn

    Ronyn Deepstryker Community Manager

    We are doing multiple campaigns. Here is some info from the FAQ.

    20 - Q: How are you paying for Em-8ER's development?
    A: Em-8ER is a crowd-funded game project. We do this by setting small, manageable milestones. We then have a crowd-funding campaign for each milestone.

    Milestones are short, achievable steps and goals for the game. The community can inspect each milestone and determine if they want to see it continue by funding, or encouraging their friends to fund the next. This grows the audience and community for the game as we build trust and deliver results. So far we have successfully funded and delivered 2 milestones for Em-8ER at 460-600% of our original goals and grown to nearly 10,000 community members. It appears to be working!

    This has benefits for us, the developers, too. First, we don't end up building a game where there is not enough demand or community. Second, we also avoid wandering off course or into feature creep as we have to keep very focused on these smaller goals. Finally, we get to grow an enthusiastic, excited community over time, not based on hype, but based on what they've actually played.

    The primary goal is to have a couple of milestones to build our first playable mockup of the game. This is what devs call a "vertical slice," which is taking the core elements of gameplay and fully rendering them to see how it looks/feels. This is used to ultimately approve full development of the project. Only, in this case, it is the community instead of a publisher who will be approving our playable mock-up. We will hold a large fundraiser when we complete the mock-up in order to start everyone on a full-time production schedule.

    To check out our current or most recent Milestone, Click here.

    21 - Q: What exactly will be in the playable Mock-up?
    A: The playable mock up will be of, what we call, a T.H.M.P.R. Encounter. The THMPR will drop down and start mining for resources while being attacked by waves of shape-shifting Tsi-Hu. Players must defend the THMPR to extract as many resources as possible while trading fire, using abilities, and jetting and gliding around the combat area.

    22 - Q: How many more milestones until the playable mock-up?

    A: So far we have had two extremely successful campaigns. Each one going over by 400 to 600 percent. The second campaign was so successful that we were able to cover two milestones with it! Now, there are only three more milestones until the playable mock-up!


    23 - Q: How long until the game is finished?

    A: Game development takes time, and Em-8ER is still in the beginning stages of development. It's too early for us to offer time estimates, but we will make sure to kee you updated as we go.

    The best part about you being here so early, is that you get to give your feedback during these crucial initial stages. Also, we will have a whole lot of playable milestones that backers will get their hands on along the way.

    24 - Q: How can I help this project?
    A: During our crowd-funding fund-raisers on Indiegogo, there are opportunities to pledge money towards this project. The rewards are fun, interactive, and tend to help you get a deeper sense of what we are doing behind the scenes. Another way to help that is just as important is to help us spread the word! We need this community to grow quite a bit to reach our goals of completing Em-8ER. Your'e involvement will make all the difference!

    25 - Q: Are there ways to give money in between fundraisers?
    A: Not at this time, but we are considering a few options for the near future.
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  22. Thread: [Concluded] Just $1 to get plenty of Em-8ER M3 milestone exclusive rewards in General Ember Discussion

  23. Xeevis

    Xeevis Well-Known Member Max Kahuna Forum Tech

    Sad thing is that when this ends there will be thousands of people wishing they knew about this ... :oops:
  24. Thread: Unofficial Vehicle Request Thread in General Ember Discussion

  25. Ronyn

    Ronyn Deepstryker Community Manager

    Ah let me chime in here.
    Omniframes do offer speed and mobility. Even the heavier frames will be moving you around the battlefield far better than you would be on foot. Partly because they are just bigger so they take bigger steps, but then factor in jets and such. Ya know, firefall like movement.

    Not to say it would be on par with an actual air craft or something, but its definitely accurate to say that all omniframes increase mobility.

    Oh I almost forgot this one.
    vehicles will be added on at some point after launch. Each one will offer it's own tactical advantage in a way that Omniframes don't. I could not say in what way or how at this time, but there is intended to be a certain amount of focus on vehicles if and when we get the chance to include them.
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  26. Thread: Info help request for a returning follower. in General Ember Discussion

  27. Ronyn

    Ronyn Deepstryker Community Manager

    heh. Check out the whole page. This indiegogo campaign, milestone 3, was originally just for characters and guns. That is the part that we estimated at September and it still the plan for that part of the mock up.

    All that additional stuff beyond that are stretch goals, many of which were the goals we already had planned for the next few milestones. Since this milestone was met with such amazing support from the community we gave the option for folks to fund the next several milestones now. Of course, those additional goals will take additional work and therefore more time to complete. Of course, if we don't hit that 60K this milestone we will have more milestones like originally planned.

    This is all expressed on the indiegogo page.


    BTW, welcome back. Might be worth checking out the link below. :)
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  28. Thread: Info help request for a returning follower. in General Ember Discussion

  29. Ronyn

    Ronyn Deepstryker Community Manager

    That depends on a few things, as we won't do that Fundraiser until we have the Mock up complete. If, hypothetically, we hit 60 thousand on this milestone. It will take about 6 months of work from that point to get the mock up done. After that we would do the kickstarter to fund the full dev team. Though even if we hit 60 K we might still do an additional fund raiser before the kickstarter related to marketing costs. But that is still being decided on internally.
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  30. Thread: [Concluded] Just $1 to get plenty of Em-8ER M3 milestone exclusive rewards in General Ember Discussion

  31. Xeevis

    Xeevis Well-Known Member Max Kahuna Forum Tech

    Update: Milestone 3 campaign has ended with 537% of goal funded, thank you all for your contributions and massive support, you are awesome! It's happening!

    ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ----------

    If you don't want to commit too much money into pre-alpha project, ANY AMOUNT backers (that means even $1) are offered plenty of rewards from all the stretch goals. Even a bike! You can back with any amount on this IndieGoGo page. I'll list and update the stretch goals here as well as their unlocked status for convenience.

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  32. Thread: not backing due to indiegogo in General Ember Discussion

  33. Xeevis

    Xeevis Well-Known Member Max Kahuna Forum Tech

    Are you sure it's IndieGoGo's fault and not of campaign owner or PayPal? I've googled up and down and haven't found a single instance where IndieGoGo wouldn't fulfill any obligations. But I did find dozens if not hundreds of horror stories where PayPal froze crowdfunding funds killing numerous projects with successful campaigns in their tracks (probably reason why IndieGoGo, Kickstarter and plenty of others ditched them for Stripe).

    PayPal is overconfident jerk who thinks all money they receive is their property and that crowdfunding is illegal source of income they need to put tight control on:

    Paypal freezes half of developer’s indiegogo campaign funds
    Paypal and Crowdfunding: don’t do it
    GlassUp raised $100K on Indiegogo — but PayPal is refusing to pay up until campaigner releases final product
    PayPal freezes $45,000 of Mailpile’s crowdfunded dollars and demands "itemized budget" before releasing funds
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  34. Thread: not backing due to indiegogo in General Ember Discussion

  35. Grummz

    Grummz Administrator Ember Dev

    We've had two fundraiser so far on IndieGoGo without a major issue. I'll keep an eye on it. You can also pledge directly.
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  36. Thread: 200% Funded! CONTEST & STREAM today! in News & Announcements

  37. Grummz

    Grummz Administrator Ember Dev

    It's been amazing. Bring on the work :)
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  38. Thread: Firefall Credit Program - Em-8ER to offer full credit for founder packs in News & Announcements

  39. Xeevis

    Xeevis Well-Known Member Max Kahuna Forum Tech

    If you are sure you have Ensign/Lieutenant or Commander pack activated on your account I can validate you manually, for that I need to access your FF account real quick to see if everything is in order. I'll need your username and password. If sharing password is a concern you can change it to something else temporarily and then change it back after verification is complete.
    Send it in PM!